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2004 participation at the symposium Kreation im Prozess Heizhaus Stammersdorf, Wien
2002 co-founder of "artfarm pilastro" Verona, Italy
1999–2007 guest studio in Pilastro, Verona, Italy
1998 painting project, Arsenal Halle 22, Vienna, Austria; July - September
1994–1996,1998 and 2000 founder and organization of Aperto – Wien, Künstler öffnen ihre Ateliers
1993 participation at the symposium in Sternberk, Tschechien
1992 commission by the competition "Kunst am Bau", AKH Wien
1991 piploma award of the Athur Rössler competition BSA
participation at the symposium Zeiten – times – tempi, Civitella d'Agliano, Italien
1990 guest Studio in Rotterdam at the Stichting Kunst & Complex
1989 Theodor Körner Award for Fine Arts
1985 diploma in painting
1981 meisterschule for painting, Prof. Arnulf Rainer
1979 meisterclass for Sculpture, Prof. Gironcoli
meisterclass for Nature Studies, Prof. Joseph Mikl
masterclass for Plastic Art, Prof. Welz
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
1959 born in Vienna, Austria