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Dietmar Franz / Parmigianino


Since 2016, the artist discusses TrashBags in his newest oeuvre. These works are still too recent to indicate in which direction Dietmar Franz will move. One could look at them as a "Friendly Takeover" of Marc Quinn's works, as an artistic comment on the worldwide plastic- and trash-problem or its perception in the fashion world. However, if we look at how close and profound the artist researches his topics, and how wide the horizon of his work is, then we may assume that these TrashBags will keep him busy for quite some time. People who know Dietmar Franz are aware that for the last 15 years he has been storing his denuded Christmas trees. The branches were removed and disposed in black TrashBags that he beforehand photographed. Thus, we may assume that he will stay busy with this topic for quite some time. An indication of his fascination can also be gleaned from the title of his series of work, because trash means not only in English much more than garbage, but is perceived in many other ways within the art world.

Carmen CH Petrosian-Husa

Friendly Takeover

In the wording of economy this implies the usurpation of a like-minded company for the benefit/good and the brilliance of both businesses, without disadvantage or loss of independence for any of the participants.

Transferring this philosophy to my work of the last years – conceptual graphite drawings on circular plywood or plywood objects in the form of shopping bags – this means that on one side I am citing well known artists, such as Brueghle, Ingres, Mantegna, Vermeer, Munch, etc. while on the other side also commenting on positions and projects of today's art world: Weiner, Beecroft, Urs Fischer, Whiteread, Wurm, West, etc. My citations and comments are embellished with "annotations" at the same time respecting the spirit and form of the reference oeuvre while subverting it in a lovingly and (self) ironic manner.

Copies and photos from the private archive are used as templates for my drawings as well as extensive research in libraries, bookstores and the internet; all this precedes the creative process. The selection criteria for all categories are childhood memories, study- and holiday-stays, biographic collisions, prominence, appreciation and veneration.

In my most recent oeuvre "APPLE(S)“, "NATURELUST“ and "ARTPHONES“ these approaches are present, though in a rudimentary form, while my main focal point are the important and crucial genres of art history: still life, landscape and readymade.

Dietmar Franz
Freundliche Übernahmen